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    Online Discount Sales + Qqmora Localizzatore di Posizione Leggero Elevata durezz Cheap Clearance Price we obsessively test and report on thousands of items each year to recommend the best of everything. Qqmora Localizzatore di Posizione Leggero Elevata durezz Wholesale Outlet Online Quite simply Decapitated's best record yet. Simply stunning! I first heard this lot when they supported Opeth 13 or 14 years ago, and they blew me away; been a fan ever since.Vogg, is one of Metal's finest guitar players; he has a natural talent for it. The riffs this guy has come up with over the years is phenomenal. He also has a gift for melody, composition and timing. Ha, I wish I could play like him, I know that much!The rest of the band do an exemplary job, too, it has to be said: great vocals, bass and drums. Bang on!Blood Mantra is, as far as I'm concerned, all thriller, no filler, but I do have three tracks that are just sensational: Veins, Nest and Red Sun.If you only buy one Death/Extreme Metal album this year, do yourself a favour and get this one. You WON'T be disappointed. Five stars, period!! \m/I waited for about 2 weeks after I got the album before I wrote a review, just to make sure I had fully taken it in.What can I say, this is has to the tightest and most fluid album the band have ever done. Initially I wasn't fan of the first two tracks, they seemed a little too much like a need to reconnect with their classic DM roots, problem is Decapitated don't have any classic roots, they've always defied the standard DM conventions and cut their own path! After a few listens to this there isn't one track I can find fault with, every one a killer. They've moved away from the really progressive feel of "Carnival" to a more down the line harder edge, simply coming at you will all guns blazing.Every track has something going for it, from the intense pounding killer rhythms of "Veins" and "Nest", to the more introspective, tribal rhythms feel of the hypnotic track "Blindness". Decapitated are one of the best in their field simply because of their attention to detail, there isn't a single note that feels out of place. What can you say about Vogg's compositions and guitar work, the guy's a classically trained musician and all that training and hard work is put to devastating use once again in possibly their best album to date. Just listen the complex patterns he's put together for the track "Nest" for examples of the guy's talent! If "Carnival" didn't set them apart as one of the best DM bands around this will. If you're looking from something heavier than Lamb of God but without all that twiddly pomp of bands like Chidren of Bodom, the get this it will blow you away. If you're not up out of your seat and air guitaring like a nutjob, then you have now true metal soul and should ask for your money back!If anything lets the package down though it's the rather lacklustre DVD, can't say that was worth paying extra for and does seem like an afterthought. It's much like a YouTube tour diary and not really that interesting to warrant making people pay extra for. I was happy to pay the full amount for the album but the DVD was a bit of a waste of the plastic it was pressed on to be honest, they could have simply put that up in YouTube.A really sick album. Filled with some good, groovy riffs, nice guitar and bass interplay and fundamental but on point drums and vocals, topped off with sparing but effective ambient passages. it is also much better than "carnival..." as this has actual riffs. But... and its a big one.... its not old decapitated. i know this sounds a bit stupid, but their first 2 albums were pure death metal perfection, arguably the best of the genre, period. They had seemed to have struck gold in their combination of players that were born to make music together and youthful exuberance and devotion to their genre.Clearly they were never going to sound the same after the sad death of the wonderfully talented Vitek, but as such a big fan of their first 2 records it is still upsetting to hear that sparkle missing from this and its predecessor. It is not to do with the direction they were going in musically: they had begun their foray into modern metal on "organic..." which was weaker albeit experimental for the band, but it still contained that fire that was so hard to put your finger on yet so prevalent in their early works. the points I have made are backed up on the accompanying DVD with this package, in which band leader and sole original member Vogg alludes to, on several occasions whilst the drums are being tracked, that the current drummer (although very good) was unable to perform the parts quite like Vitek. This shows how his absence is still felt years after their tragic tour bus crashDecapitated were my favourite DM band, and I have come to terms with the fact that they are never going to release another "winds of creation." to metal fans blind to the bands past, "blood mantra" will be more than adequate. in fact it was one of the best metal releases of '14. However, as a long term fan, while I really enjoy this album and do so on its own merits, it still leaves a slight bitter taste in my mouthNuclear Blast have continually released top quality cd's, dvd's, vinyl's and box sets since their inception and this vinyl LP is no exception. The cover is really good quality card and the inner sleeve is really good quality paper. The artwork and lyric sheet are clear and beautiful to look at. The record is 180 gram and the play back quality is flawless. The music on this album is amazing and is a testament to Vogg's determination and staying power after the tragedies that have befallen Decapitated over the last few years. R.I.P. Vitek, you are truly missed and Covan please get well soon. If you love Decapitated then you need to buy their albums on both cd and vinyl formats as only then can you truly enjoy each of their Death Metal Master pieces. This album is worth every penny! You can buy it with absolute confidence!Didn't really know how they'd ever get back to there best following the death of there drummer a few years back but it's taken 2 albums to do this finally blood mantra sees the polish death metal stalwarts have done an album that is up there with there best efforts to date,I'm seeing them in December with behemoth in Dublin and hopefully they get the reception they deserve Blood Mantra CD e Vinili => Hard Rock e Metal => Thrash e Speed Metal
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